The Association Between Endometrial Cancer and Obesity
See what researchers at Pennington Biomedical are finding when it comes to obesity and endometrial cancers. If you have any concerns about your risk for endometrial cancer, talk to your gynecologist today.
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A Lifestyle Change for the Better
We don’t ever want you to think certain foods are bad for you. It’s about moderation and establishing control over what you eat. Our staff is always here for advice and guidance along the way.
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Welcome to Metamor
Learn about our integrated and multidisciplinary approach to caring for individuals who suffer from obesity from a variety of our experts at BMI.
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Your Weight Loss Journey
To enjoy all the health benefits weight loss surgery has to offer, you must be committed to making changes to your daily eating habits and develop a healthy lifestyle which includes regular physical exercise, mental health, and a commitment to follow up with your bariatric surgery team.
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Weight loss surgery patients are less likely to be hospitalized following a COVID-19 diagnosis.
Studies show lower rates of hospital and ICU admission from COVID-19 in patients who previously had weight loss surgery.
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Rotary Club of Baton Rouge, Virtual Meeting June 17, 2020
Join Dr. Schauer as he talks about our Metamor and why he came to Baton Rouge from the Cleveland Clinic.
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Metabolic Surgery Grand Rounds  Webinar Series
This free monthly educational program open to medical professionals only will offer one hour presentations on the latest topics in metabolic surgery. Register now at
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Online Weight Loss Seminar Hosted By Dr. Vance Albaugh
Learn more about weight loss surgery from our team of experts! This seminar discusses weight loss surgery options.
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Online Weight Loss Seminar Hosted By Philip Schauer
Interested in what weight loss procedure would work best for you? Dr. Philip Schauer, our team of obesity medicine specialists and current patients discuss weight loss surgery options that are proven to deliver results.
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