Paving a Path for a Healthier Louisiana
Through our partnerships, Metamor is paving the path to a healthier Louisiana. Hear from one of our patients and how we are yielding healthy dividends for our community.
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Fostering Life-Changing Experiences
Bariatric surgery is a tool that gives people the chance to find the quality of life they’ve always wanted. Here are a few of the faces behind the stories sharing what surgery has meant to them.
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What To Expect, Every Step of the Way
Our nurses, bariatric surgeons, and other staff members walk with you through each step — from the first consultation to recovery and beyond. With our team, you’ll always have care on your side.
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Meet Vince Lagattuta - Weight Loss Surgery Patient
Vince struggled with obesity for years. Dr. Karl LeBlanc with Metamor offered him a solution that would give him a healthier, more fulfilling life. Now, Vince competes in Iron Man competitions.
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Meet Terence Williams, Weight Loss Surgery Patient Before
Terence suffered with obesity for years until he met Dr. Mark Hausmann at Metamor. Together, they came up with a plan to get Terence in better health and off his medications.
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Meet Terence Williams, Weight Loss Surgery Patient After
After receiving weight loss surgery at Metamor, Terence is leading a happier, healthier life. He is continuing to lose weight and able to do more things and spend more quality time with his family.
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Meet Jamie Brown - Weight Loss Surgery Patient
Jamie Brown suffered with obesity for years. She was introduced to Dr. Brent Allain at Metamor and together they came up with a plan to address her health concerns. Jamie weight loss surgery was successful and she is happy to now live the life she deserves.
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