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At Metamor, we want you to live the happiest, healthiest life possible. That's why we begin your weight management journey by evaluating your current and previous health.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation:

Our team of experts look at your complete medical history and your family's medical history. We also take into consideration your previous struggles with weight, past attempts at losing weight and your daily habits to make the best plan of action for you.

For our weight loss surgery patients, this can include working with other doctors to ensure that you are as healthy as possible before undergoing surgery so that you can be successful after surgery.

For our non-surgical patients, understanding your medical history helps us to create a plan that is tailored to your and personal preferences, whenever possible. Similar to our weight loss surgery patients, we will reach out to your other doctors to ensure that our plan of care does not interrupt other care plans you have with your primary care providers and/or specialists.


Body Composition Analysis:

For some patients, we will use an InBody scale that allows us to get an overview of your body composition. The InBody scale uses a pain-free electrical impulse that measures your body tissues and then calculates percentage of body fat and muscle mass. Most importantly, the device will give us an estimate of your caloric needs. The information provided by the InBody scales allows us to track your progress over time and develop lifestyle and nutrition plans for you.

Tested and proven

Tested and proven diet and nutrition plans:

After you've completed your evaluations, our medical and nutrition team will work together to provide you recommendations on the types of foods to consume and avoid.

In addition, we offer guidance on the use of meal replacements. Meal replacements are products that provide balanced nutrition in a scheduled manner. Meal replacement plans have been shown to improve weight as well as help control other medical problems such as diabetes.

FDA approved medications:

There are several medications that are approved for weight management. These medications have to be used in context of your personal medical history, side effects that you may experience on the medication, as well as insurance coverage. We require those who choose to take medication for weight management work closely with our team to ensure proper dosing as well as managing side effects and the effectiveness of medication.

Lifestyle coaching:

Our goal is to make sure that the recommendations we provide are practical for each individual patient. As a multidisciplinary clinic, our medical, nutrition and psychology teams will work together to determine lifestyle changes that you and your loved ones can develop to have lasting weight loss results. Our recommendations are based both in scientific evidence as well as the personal preferences and abilities of our patients.

Mental health support:

As part of our evaluation for surgery patients, each patient must undergo psychological evaluation to determine mental and emotional readiness for the significant life change that comes with having weight loss surgery. This is done to ensure all mental issues are addressed before surgery for the best post-surgery outcome.

For our non-surgical patients, we realize that emotional and mental health challenges can play a significant role in your weight management journey. We work to evaluate these in our medical and nutritional assessments as well as make referrals to our psychology specialists on staff.

For both surgical and non-surgical patients, our team will work to coordinate care with any of your mental health providers.

Participation in Research:

Our mission at Metamor is to push the boundaries of science and our knowledge of obesity forward through research. We invite our patients to participate in research programs that are sponsored by Our Lady of the Lake as well as Pennington Biomedical Research Center. The faculty of both these institutions are world renowned for their clinical expertise and their research experience in the treatment of obesity. Where it is appropriate, we will offer patients the opportunity to participate in research trials. Ask your doctor for more details.

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